KimKeller-hsKim Keller is a headline-grabbing writer with some serious journalism credibility, a moral compass and a sense of humor. She is best known for her viral blog,, which has generated more than 4.1 million views during the past year. Her writing strikes a chord, and sometimes hits a nerve, with people all around the world.

On the professional side, she’s spent more than 20 years working in the journalism field as a reporter, writer and public relations professional. She is an adjunct faculty member of the University of Memphis’ Department of Journalism and a guest contributor for Fox News Latino.

On the human side, she’s an imperfect wife and mother of two with a mild case of obsessive-compulsive disorder and an intense commitment to do the right thing. Her passions are education, faith and advocacy for parents, children and people with disabilities. She also has a thing for history and theater, which may or may not be mutually exclusive.

Kim has been a guest on shows such as “Piers Morgan Live,”” Fox and Friends,” “Good Morning America,” BBC’s “Have Your Say,” and numerous talk radio programs throughout the United States and Canada.

Why people follow Roadkill Goldfish
Kim’s top posts focus on real issues that many in today’s society are afraid to address. She uses a mix of hard facts, humor and personal experience to present an honest look at these situations and get people talking. To date, her most popular and talked about posts include:

“Dear Daughter, let Miley Cyrus be a lesson to you” – A parent’s perspective that provides our girls with confirmation of their true value and an affirmation for why they do not have to emulate pop stars’ behavior for attention. The post was praised by parents from around the world, and many teens and young women wrote to Kim about the piece’s influence on their lives.

 “My life as a white Hispanic: Prejudice comes from all sides” –  A look at the issues faced by people of mixed heritage and how it impacts their lives. The post has generated substantial feedback and shares among Latino communities.

“What happens when child bullies grow up” – This news feature was written as a follow-up for a teen bullying piece Kim wrote for Fox News Latino. It examines the acceptance of adult bullying in today’s culture, and how non-bullies can stop it.

“Proof that Christians are stupid and hateful morons” – Sometimes satire and shock are the best ways to get attention.  Weary of a growing anti-Christian movement, Kim wrote this piece to turn the tables on faith bias and hate speech by using real life examples of harmful stereotypes and culturally acceptable vitriol. She spoke about this post with  Jesse Lee Peterson on his syndicated radio show.

“Dear Teachers, I owe you an apology” – In the day of Common Core, public school teachers have been taking a beating at the hands of education reformers. They have been blamed for every problem in our nation’s schools, when in reality, the fault lies with constantly changing teaching methods and grossly inexperienced “experts” calling the shots. This piece was written to support teachers who have had enough of the reformers but are unable to publicly speak out because of retaliation fears.


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