Kim uses humor and hard facts to share information on a variety of issues.  Her diverse background and professional expertise enable her to speak knowledgeably about topics such as:

News and Media

  • Your First Amendment rights and what you can do to be heard
  • Why people are afraid to speak up
  • Journalism and public relations ethics
  • How marketers, advertisers and PR professionals decide who to reach and how to reach them
  • The PR side of crisis management
  • The impact of viral media


  • Moms, daughters and the new feminism
  • Life as a “white Hispanic”
  • Using today’s culture for teachable moments with children
  • Why it’s important to support our teachers


  • Pregnancy loss
  • Hate speech and bias
  • Overcoming adversity with God’s help and a sense of humor
*Kim did not have a religious upbringing and spent her early years as an agnostic.  A college friend’s murder changed all of that. Searching for answers and comfort, Kim hung out at her university’s Catholic Student Union, and the campus priest helped her discover a very real and personal Trinity. A car accident several years later cemented her faith.  She and her family are now active members of a Baptist church where she has served as a kindergarten teacher, preschool teacher and camp chaperone. 

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