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Hear no evil, see no evil, stop no evil: A follow up on the Grammys

28 Jan

So you didn’t watch the Grammy Awards? Good for you.

I don’t mean to sound crass, but you’re not doing anyone any favors by proudly proclaiming you won’t watch such filth nor are you helping anyone by labeling the show and other media programs as “evil.”

If you really want to make a difference in America’s media landscape, DO SOMETHING about it. Don’t pat yourself on the back for avoiding it.  Believe me, these folks are not crying because they lost you as a viewer. They actually love when conservatives loudly complain about programs, music or movies.  As a matter of fact, our complaints help them. Why? Because it makes others think, “Well, if they hate it, it must be AWESOME!”

My in-box has been burning up with notes from people who are proudly declaring their abstinence and summoning the wrath of God on people they declare to be evil, vile and other not-so-nice words. I agree many in media and entertainment do behave despicably and produce content that hurts society; however, I haven’t posted the abstainers’ or judges’ comments because they would do more harm than good. The indignation, as righteous as it may be, won’t change the situation. The condemnation won’t change the people responsible. None of it will bring anyone closer to God.  There are more effective ways to express disapproval and spur real change.

Look, I’m not saying you have to watch or listen to this stuff. I agree a lot of it is crap, and there have been many times I needed to pour bleach into my eyes and ears because of things I’ve caught on television or radio.  However, I am saying you have to get out of your bubble, acknowledge this stuff is out there, and work to change it. Complaining to the networks won’t work, nor will boycotting their shows. These tactics actually boost the offending items’ popularity. However, there are two tactics that do work. Go after their advertisers and tell your government representatives to hold the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) accountable.

No advertiser will run commercials, which finance these shows, if they fear they’ll lose a huge portion of their consumer base. Just a few years ago, parent groups were able to get “Skins,” an MTV series with a whole lot of underage sex, pulled off the air because they targeted the show’s advertisers.  The FCC has regulations that prohibit the airing of “obscene” material before 10 p.m., and they can levy some pretty hefty fines for public stations that do it. (CBS, the host of the Grammys, is considered public. MTV and other cable outlets are not.) Granted, the FCC has been pretty lax about enforcement in recent years, but that’s why it’s so important for you to be persistent. Contact your federal representatives and demand action.

You can also have dialogues about these issues. I use Roadkill Goldfish to start those dialogues, but I also spend a lot of time personally talking with other people and listening to their thoughts and ideas. I encourage you to take the time to talk to people who may have a different opinion. Find out WHY they think the way they do. Use hard facts to point out flaws in their arguments.  Show alternatives.

I believe we can change today’s culture, but we can’t do it if we’re patting ourselves on the back with our sanitized hands.

It’s time to roll up the sleeves and get our hands dirty as we help others out of the muck.


Proof that Christians are stupid and hateful morons

20 Nov

Atheism billboardWe are so sick of hearing those ignorant and self-righteous Christians complain about the problems in our society.  Boo stinkin’ hoo.

They’re too stupid to know they’re the ones causing all the problems.

They’ll fight to keep a fetus alive, but then they refuse to support single mothers or provide birth control.  Hypocrites. They try to shove their morality down our throats, but in reality they’re a bunch of self-righteous bullies who probably watch kiddy porn on their computers, pick up prostitutes by the airport or solicit sex in public bathrooms. Christian women? A bunch of frigid Betty Crockers who clutch their pearls and demand censorship if they hear a top 40 song. You have to cut them a little slack, though. Their husbands treat them like crap and most likely beat them into submission.

These idiots cling to the Bible like it’s a how-to manual. Yeah, right. A book written thousands of years ago about a magical sky god has relevance today. They love talking about their Jesus, but they won’t do what he says. Jesus talks about not judging others, yet these frauds are the first ones to throw stones.

A hateful bunch of losers

Christians are a hateful, mean and nasty bunch of losers. Thankfully, there are some folks who are using social media to fight back against these ignoramuses and pointing out just how stupid and hypocritical they really are.

Remember that sexist Christian youth speaker who tried to talk to high school kids about dating? Well, these folks nailed him on Facebook. (To protect their privacy, I’m using only their first names even though their entire names showed up on the public Facebook posts.)

  • From Tim: f-cking lame piece of sh-t. i don’t know about “advice” you gave, but you look like a lame -sshole with a retarded hair style. judging from you appearance the only thing you know about is how best get little boys into your van. anyway, keep it up, i hate Christianity, and you are going a great job making Christianity a whole look backward and lame,,,,, almost as lame as an old power bottom with stupid hair. in closing, f-ck you,
  • From Nikki: When did a sexist, worn out plastic spiky dildo from the 1970’s think it was a good idea to give dating advice to teenagers? Is that the Hellraiser look you’re going for Mr. Lookadoo? Except I would actually fk Pinhead before this aging, raging douchebag who is way past his prime. Are you doing your schtick in front of teenagers because those are the only people who will give you sympathy chuckles for your “jokes”? You’re like Dane Cook’s borderline retarded cousin who found Christ after he experimented with intraveneous drugs and c-ck in the 1980’s. Do us all a favor and go kill yourself.
  • From Kimberly: I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through all of this negative vibe from these people. Hopefully it will get better. When you admit what a asinine, hypocritical, misogynist attitude you have. I’m 47 years old, and unfortunately have to live in the south with old morons like you. I’ve had a son who is 21 and I’ve taught him to respect women and that they can do any damn thing sh-ts like you can. Knowing full well at the same time you spout this sh-t, you’re taking a bl-wjob from some girl barely over 18 that you paid in more than a few cities. My advice to you, you little hypocrite, is shut your damn mouth before some woman kicks your teeth in. You have a good day now. Bless your heart….
  • From Justin: You are one sick bastard. I hope and pray every day that someone anally rapes you. To quote: Bealzebub has a devil put aside for you.

Stomping out Christian stupidity

That speaker’s not the only Christian moron out there. The whole bunch is pretty stupid. Check out what some other folks did recently to stop the stupidity:

  • The U.S. Army used its training materials to warn soldiers about extremist groups like Al Qaeda, Hamas, the Ku Klux Klan, evangelical Protestants, Catholics and the American Family Association. It’s about time our government acknowledged how dangerous these folks are. Get the full story.
  • The American Humanist Society successfully stopped a South Carolina public school from brainwashing poor kids into Christianity with Christmas gifts. The school was collecting shoeboxes filled with gifts as part of Operation Christmas Child, a program sponsored by the Christian relief group Samaritan’s Purse. They threatened to sue the school for violating the separation of church and state because, “The boxes of toys are essentially a bribe, expressly used to pressure desperately poor children living in developing countries to convert to Christianity, and are delivered with prayers, sermons, evangelical tracts and pressure to convert.”  Legal victory! Get the full story.
  • MSNBC’s Ed Schultz used his platform on “The Ed Show” to point out Christian hypocrisy when it comes to Obama Care. His prayer mocking Ted Cruz is epic stuff.  Check out the video.

How much more proof do you need to see that Christians corner the market on hateful, judgmental and stupid?

What all this really means

Now that you’ve read the entire piece, I need to let you in on a little secret. I set you up; I don’t support this attitude, but it seems to be growing in popularity. As a matter of fact, I’m one of those stupid Christians.

The entire post showcases the anti-Christian vitriol that is rampant in our society. The social media posts are real. The news stories are real. Sadly, the people are real, too.

Do you still want to argue Christians corner the market on hateful, judgmental and stupid?

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